Tuesday, September 16, 2014

the Tuesday Song of the Week

I BLAST this when I'm driving, and if it were at all possible, I'd get out and dance on the hood.

'Volare' - the Gipsy Kings

Monday, September 15, 2014

sad, valuable photo

From a Delaware County, PA estate...

A circa 1905 snapshot of a boy dressed like Buster Brown and his barefoot sister, who apparently has Down's syndrome.  A very VERY rare photo of a Down's syndrome child.

This one I'm selling on eBay.  If you want to get into the action, here's the link:


And here are some keywords for your edification: antique photo of child with Downs Syndrome, antique photo of child with Down Syndrom

Sunday, September 14, 2014


While we're discussing scraps, let's enjoy this divine item:
The scrap here is the backing, which is kinda worn at the edges.

Made using an old Advance pattern.

Like it?

Buy it!  

scraps 'n samples

This is some kinda rare find.

It's a collection of novelty print samples, each labeled with the name of the print.
All sewn together.

This one's entitled 'Mobby Dick.'  
Yes, 'Mobby,' not Moby.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a bolt of it.

Mid-Century Modern fiberglass drape-age

Back in the day, everybody had fiberglass hanging in front of their windows.
Except at my house. 

We had plastic shades and metal blinds. 

I have six (or, if you prefer, 6) panels in this design, in the Etsy store:



 It must have been the ancient Greeks, known for their great wisdom, who said...

'Never miss an opportunity to buy something that has a platypus on it.'

Indeed, they were correct.

don't let these slip by !

Divine vintage half-slips!

This one's actually more of a crinoline.

Isn't that pretty??

Now THIS is something you're going to... LOVE.

Not just the LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE...
There's also a zipper at that vent. PERFECT for wearing with a vented skirt and/or dress with vented skirt.